Sunday, September 11, 2011

Unexplain Feeling

Here again my sharing of life, unexplained feeling indeed, my tears run down from my cheeks. It happened on 08 Sept 2011, me and my parents went to Queen for review at clinic orthopedic (bone), actually my next review in on 06 October but due to my bad condition lately my mum suggest to come early. I think today is the bad day for all my review the specialist doc Mr. Baskaran on MC today, how frustrating I am the other doctor cannot make any decision for me, I plan to do booked for the next operation. After seeing the general doctor (not interested to know his name) but its Indian guy, I feel sad because I really not impress how he treat me as well, I also noted that the operation schedule is so pack till end of the year but I still hoping I can booked at least I am waiting something for sure for next mission, Lately I really cant bear my pain it terrible and came this appoiment with full of hope. I leave the rooms with frustrating face. Anyway I can still smile to the Nurse Enikah , she convince me that have any chance everyway.
We arrived at home almost 2 pm. Tired and sleepy as well, I plan to take a nap but suddenly around 2.25pm, my phone was rang, I saw that a new number appeared, early I did think that I should not pick up the phone but then I make it, it was so surprising for me it was from Dr. Baskaran, wow I can feel that my heart beating being stop a while like saya menang Jackpot Ha Ha, I did happy but many things came cross my mind. Tidak tau mo cakap apa , one words unbelived, this is a great opportunity then I have to grabbed it.
My conversation with the doc:
Doc Baskaran : Hello , ini dr bas , ini airin ka?
Me : iya saya
Doc : Saya teda di clinic today, sya kurang sihat..But ko mau operation ka next
Week Rabu?
Me: (Without thinking and asking) I sad YES
That how it happened, I really can’t think, I do wish to do the operation early but not this time, I am not ready both mental and psychical. I just leave hospital only just three month and now for sure I will there again, my parents was shocked but surely they happy for me, it just like my dream come true.
From what was happened today I believed all my prayer also my mum and family answer by GOD, I know he always there for me, he will make a way seems to be no way. I fear to face it again but I hope I can cope with it. GOD helping me in his own way.
This is the last entry before I go to admit in hospital. I only hope one thing that everything is goes well and get well very very soon,

P/s: need pray from all of you out there.



Dida mumin♥ said...


Kuat kan semangat...hopefully everything will be fine soon, my pray is always with you..All the best! God Bless u..Ayeen..

Alice said...

my dear pren Rin,ko mesti percaya Tuhan adalah ajaib,Dia turun tangan memulihkan ko dan memberkati ko kerana tiada yang seperti Dia begitu mengasihi dan sanggup menjawab semua doa ko.Dia juga sanggup melawat seluruh kehidupan mu pren.Firman Tuhan mengatakan haleluya,Haleluya....Terpujilah Tuhan Amen.....

BOBOayeeN said...

Dida...tq ya hope all will be ok very soon

BOBOayeeN said...

Alice...tq ,u one of my old friend who support me all my journey of life..God bless u family too.

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Thank You Tokyo, Japan...U are great place to visit...No Regret..