Sunday, September 4, 2011

Living with Arthritis

Since I am patient of RA for the past 8 years..i would like to share something about RA

People living with arthritis are often dismayed by how much the disease steals from their lives. If you have arthritis, physical limitations caused by chronic pain, chronic fatigue, stress and more can narrow your world and interrupt living a "normal life."
With arthritis, energy is consumed just trying to accomplish ordinary tasks and usual daily activities. Your focus may be limited to just "getting through the day." Arthritis starts to take control of your life, rather than you taking control of the disease. How can you better manage your illness? What modifications can you make to your lifestyle to make living with arthritis easier? What actions can you take to gain and maintain control over the limitations imposed by arthritis?

1 - Stay Positive
Arthritis is an unpredictable disease, as is the future. Accepting new realities and redefining life within the limitations imposed by disease is important for people with arthritis. Positivity can help you manage life with chronic arthritis.
2 - Trust Your Doctor
Doctors play an essential role in the treatment of arthritis. Choosing a doctor is one of the most critical decisions you make when it comes to your condition. It is imperative that your needs are being met. Find a compassionate, communicative doctor you can trust.
3 - Accept Your Situation
Don't fight the fact that you have arthritis or that your condition changes your life. Don't deny that you have the disease, nor underestimate its impact. Once you accept that you have a chronic illness and that it is a part of your life for the rest of your life, the decisions you make will be better for you and will ultimately improve your life. You must internalize the acceptance -- feel it, don't just say it.
4 - Set Realistic Goals
Set realistic goals for yourself. Through reflection and contemplation, you can assess what you are not happy with and work to change those circumstances. Be sensitive to your innermost feelings. You can focus and begin to make necessary changes in your life. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, it's important to learn all that you can about the disease. The importance of knowledge and understanding your health condition cannot be overstated. Stay informed --
5 - Protect Your Joints
Joint protection can reduce stress on arthritic joints and decrease pain. There are several joint protection principles which, if followed, will help to conserve energy and preserve joint function.
6 - Manage Your Medications
When your doctor hands you a new prescription, it becomes your responsibility to know what the medication is for, how to take it, and what possible side effects might occur. Medication errors have many causes, but usually have one thing in common -- they could have been prevented.
7 - Keep Active
The benefits of exercise, as part of a treatment program for managing arthritis, are well-known and documented. Despite the known benefits, many people with arthritis avoid exercising regularly.
8 - Watch Your Weight
Being overweight, even moderately, impacts weight-bearing joints and can increase joint pain. As you walk, your hips, knees, and ankles bear three to five times your total body weight. For every pound you're overweight, the equivalent of three to five pounds worth of added pressure is added to each knee as you walk. The flip side of that is good news: losing just 10 pounds causes 30 to 50 pounds of extra stress to be relieved from the joints.
9 - Seek Mutual Support
Arthritis not only affects people who have the disease, it impacts the people around them -- especially family and friends. People living with arthritis and those who have loved ones with the disease can gain insight and draw inspiration from others facing similar challenges. You can share your advice and experiences, offer mutual support, ask questions, and encourage others in

Kudat Trip...

How I wish that I like other with good health in this time, there are many plans in my head now,I have a lot of dream of course went out far from my comfort zone (Home) to release tension, need some fresh air but once again I have to accept the fact that I am not like them.. For the time being myself having terrible disease RA...huh this makes me have a limited choice to do what I like. Here I just to share a simple family trip we made to Kudat recently.
No word can express the feeling…being out for so long...Thank you for my younger brother to plan this trip, of course the kids so happy and excited…Their thinking of the swimming pool of course. For me I must to do some preparation to make sure I can join the trip is taken a pain killer early is most important.Thanks GOD you make the things works even with not good condition I manage to go with them of course with my walking stick.

We start our journey around 1o.oo am with three of my brother kids. My dad cannot accompany with us due to nobody look after anything at home specially the animals. On our way to kudat we went to my brother last school before he left teacher profession to continue his PHD that is SMK Pinawantai, kudat, we manage to take a picture with big “Gong” in fort of the school .I believe his memory in this school almost 4 years teaching there was a sweet memory in life. We continue our journey to kudat town and was arrived there almost 1.00pm we taken lunch somewhere at town before we continue our way to Marina Resort where the place we stay overnight.
Actually this is my second time went to Kudat. I have been there for previous years for the working purpose and at the time, I never chance to look around due to pack time and tiredness. Now I am back here and hope that I can enjoy myself together with my family. We check in at Marina Resort that I think the most popular place in Kudat for some visitor around the world. I can see people use this raya and conjunction to school holiday to bring their family to take holiday here. It a small and simple place but what is makes it interesting I think the view in fort of the sea, the location of Marina resort given beautiful view especially late in the evening. We can see the a few ships around the island also the sunshine.
The kids never let the chance to get along with the swimming pool almost 2 hour ,they never feels boring ,I enjoyed looking after them with many people came in to pool, how I wish I can join with hu.actually my knee feels bad but we (mum and me) have to accompany the kids because their parents not arrived yet.

In the evening we taken our dinner at place call Esplanade, the place most popular in kudat which fresh sea food, the restaurant build under the sea, My brother ordered many of food the big of prawn, ketam, ikan garupa, tuntul ha ha (I don’t know to call it) but once again I can only ate the steam “ikan pisang” but it doesn’t matter most important their enjoy the foods, went to Kudat tidak sah if not trying the sea foods. After we taken dinner we back to resort and seems that everybody tired and take early slept, but the guys continue enjoyed “aramai it” with their friend around Kudat, I don’t know till what time. At the night the Bing Bong (due to tomorrow is Hari Raya) takes a place mercun Sana sini together with the raining but because of tiredness everybody gets well slept.

Early in the morning, I felt my right knee feel so bad, cant explain it but I hope once again the pain killer help me to going through all this matter, the kids once again went to swimming pool accompany by my mum. We ended our trip by taking breakfast before we moved out to back home, and today 31 August 2011…is was first day for Hari Raya…wishing all the Muslim friend..selamat Hari Raya.Even tired but I think all the members was enjoyed the trip, we manage to arrived home almost 2pm THANK YOU GOD

I Was Here Tokyo, Japan

Thank You Tokyo, Japan...U are great place to visit...No Regret..