Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Cry again...

I also don’t know why recently I feel want to write much in my blog (just started blogging and still learning process) , by looking and reading many blog everyday giving me inspire rather than in negative thinking all the way due to the terrible condition. It just suddenly comes out from my mind that needs to spoke out everything that what I feel now before me forgetting about it. All the experience, all the bitter situation happened to me suddenly appeared, when I think back what I have in life I have to grappled all these opportunity as well, living with chronic RA is not easy task for me and I am sure for all patient like me, Terrible life I guess but still thankful to GOD that I am still alive even there is time I wish rather be died (Upset person indeed) Frankly speaking it is not easy to stay positive when the terrible things goes in to you life. People only can see you and convince you to be patience but like other say “berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul” I not blame anyone at all.
As a human being there are so many temptation come along but the most important is the supporting moral from the surrounding specially from family and itself helping much believed me. I know not all my friends even my relatives know well what actually I am suffering then I also no intention to let them know strict away, it enough they knowing that I am not feeling well and had done a few operation on my legs. Being at home for almost two years (started taken leave on 15 march 2010 till now) without counting is though life for me there a bitter life inside, forgetting about that. I believe is the matter of time to heal GOD BLESS.
At the beginning I have no intention went to be blogging as well because I am the person consider lazy lady and telling the truth I don’t know what is calling a blog (Thanks to my sifu blog miss Dida ) , I have been heard about it but I do not understand in fact I do not make myself understand much but with plenty of time staying at home I plan to do something new and of course spending my time , I only read what I like Ha ha...during my very hardest time 2010 my brothers and friends had given me a lot book for motivation like a CHICKEN SOUP for unsinkable soul, THE HEAVEN IS SO REAL etc. but now I realize that the blog more than a books , I can read as more as I want by exploring randomly blog, the more I read my life so meaning and full of knowledge, there are many surprise that I am not noticing come along. I was enjoying reading as well. I just want to keep this blog as well the memories and refresh it back one day what was happened to me now and I wish to make it meaningful to other, for the time being I need a lot of study and research by asking for the senior blogging and I believed when time passed by I can make it more interesting and share with the world. I just want to stay positive even there are unexplained condition and circumstance ahead.

My journey not stop yet they are many condition may arise that I also can’t aspect but still hoping everything in moderation ways, I have heard poem that GOD not give you the challenge if you can’t face it.hua hua..The time I wrote this story telling my life I am waiting for the time to do the third operation, this time for my right knee. I am promising to myself that I don’t want to cry again…I surrender all to GOD maybe this is the best solution for my health problem as well. Powerpuff girl go…go…go ehheh
p/s: Ayeen don’t cry again…


In this sad world of ours,
sorrow comes to all,
And it often comes with bitter agony,
Perfect relief is not possible,
Expect with time.
You cannot now believe that you will ever feel better.
But this is not true.
You are sure to be HAPPY AGAIN
Knowing this,
Truly believing it,
Will make you less miserable now.
I have had enough experience to make this statement
Abraham Lincoln.

I Was Here Tokyo, Japan

Thank You Tokyo, Japan...U are great place to visit...No Regret..