Saturday, September 24, 2011

Experince is the best TEACHER

Hello and Aloha guys….
My entry today it all about experience that is TEACHER for the rest of my life….
I believed as a human being we all through different journey in our life, some people have a good life while the other in another round hu hu…
Some people learn from the past while the others don’t…
Coming to 8 years in (RA) joint problem disease given many experience for me, flash back went through the bitter life everday like a nightmare for me. My family spent a lot of money (cant count by number) and of course time to find any alternative to cure my pain, trying many things of meds from outside, traditional method, massage and so on, but unluckily no one can abate…it only make it became worst. (Thank you to my family that I cant explain by any suitable all did great job…GOD BLESS)
Simple story we had went almost around Sabah to looking someone help it called “Bomoh” errrm………we had been to Keningau a few times, Pitas, Kudat ,Sandakan and so on.
Anyway the experience teach me a lot, end of the day I back to the doctor which the first place trying to avoided it, anyhow I have seeing doctor since I diagnoses RA but not taken the meds given properly (still blamed myself) . Finally I release not all the health problem can handle by special person (Bomoh), for me it is the doctor duty as well. Due to a lot of taking outside meds pain killer and herbs my pain became worse and the bone going to fast damage, I cannot avoiding the operation anymore to change to artificial bone(How sad indeed).
By sharing I hope anyone do not repeat make mistake as I am, MENYESAL KEMUDIAN HARI TIDAK BERGUNA…just believed the doctor who serve you, it is they task, their will do the best advice and assist you on you early treatment of you disease…I am begging you to believed me based on my experience…before everything was late. RA disease can control and help by suitable meds from early damage.

Even now after a few operations I felt better but if I can turn back I wish to avoid any operation as well because the early treatment can help it. Now and onward I promise to myself whatever happened I only taken the meds which prescribed by my specialist doctor and do not repeat the mistake again.
This experience is my Teacher the rest of my life…
P/s; don’t simply taken any meds from outside without doctor consult.
Thank You…

I Was Here Tokyo, Japan

Thank You Tokyo, Japan...U are great place to visit...No Regret..