Sunday, February 12, 2012

Again my journey as RA patient not end yet

2012, New year bring new life for me, being at office again is a nice feeling inside that i can’t explain to anyone by any suitable word but deep inside in my heart there a something very-very hurt waiting for me.
The next operation on my right hip still waiting for me oh my GOD, if i can i want to run away , but do I have choice? The next operation will be schedule on 14 March but, I ask to extend I have a lot things to do for myself as well but the most important for the time being I can’t bear to face it, personally I am not ready again after three times operation done last year. It terrible, horrible and so on, only me can explain and know what I have been through all this while of journey, being admitted in hospital a few time are really make me sick.
I ask to apply for sponsor from my office and it take a few month to approve, anyhow I don’t mind as long my hip not felt so bad for the time being, Frankly speaking now I am not ready both mental and physical. I know I can’t avoid the operation but now I really need the space to breath.
Even now my ankle give me problem together with my eczema (skin problem) but I wish the pain can go anytime and as soon as possible, it make me hard to walk properly without walking stick with me, it really pain inside.
I really hope that my journey will end soon; I tired to face all this .AMEN

The most important person in mylife throughout the journey...

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