Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thing to be thankful for:-

It’s been a hectic year for me from early Feb till Sept 2011 with my three major operations then after that busy for recovering time till now.
My life had big changes eventually many things had to be considering to adopt a new life and a whole new way of thinking
It helps me to actually write out what I am thankful and grateful for my life because otherwise it very hard, terrible and horrible time before, we are easy to complain about life but sometimes we forget things to be thankful in life:-
1) I’M thankful for GOD for my improvement health even though I am not 100% cure for the time being but its more more better condition than before.
2) I’M thankful for having a wonderful family especially for my parents, sibling and other close member of family for their support moral for me when I really needed it, for their helping and praying.
3) I’M thankful for my entire friend and member support for who came and visited me during my very hard time, bring me smile then I know there are many people around me and know who deserve to called a real friend.
4)I’m thankful for my church member for given a pray, visited and support moral for my speedy recovery.
5)I’M thankful to know and learn about life. What is all about the real life, learn how to patient and make a right decision of life and future.
6)I’M thankful for having IT technology nowadays that helps me minimize my bored life at home by surfing Internet, that make my life so meaningful and wonderful.
7)I’M thankful to knowing blog ,which I never dream to have a own blog which I can share and speak up anything I want and mostly about my health problem for the newly diagnosed with the chronic illness and all emotions I had been through before and how I carry on my life.


Diaz said...

some people aren't thankful for what they have. they've forgotten that some others don't even get the chance to see the world.

wish the best for you. :)

BOBOayeeN said...

tq Diaz...there a simlpe things but we almost forget to thankful ::))))

Anonymous said...

yup...hal besar or kecil kita mesti ucap terima kasih.Yg penting sekali jangan lupa berdoa ucap SYUKUR setiap hari....huhuhu....GBU n Family....

I Was Here Tokyo, Japan

Thank You Tokyo, Japan...U are great place to visit...No Regret..