Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My special BUDDY

Bicycle cute...

Lately I have been a hard time writing, I can’t thing of any topic or events seem all too similar my daily life to update my blog. I admit to have a bit of writing block Ha ha (I hope not) This is maybe everyday facing of very tiring days…went to review to hospital is my daily routine, I hate to review for RA clinic, I also don’t understand why the doctor took soooooooooo long to see a patient, waiting the number serve is one thing, waiting outside with cooling of air-conditioner also the matter for me. Recently I came around 10 am and you all know I serve by the doctor around 2 pm can you image how long I sat outside I also not like the doctor ( macamlah I got choice to choose), it terrible things for me, my mind became stress, many things came across in my mind but again what I can do just wait and wait… patience sometimes up to boarder line..Tried actually, I also pity to my parents who patience to accompany during my review this two year...nothing I can said...we usually skip our lunch ..hu hu.
I had done my knee replacement twice which in June and September 2011, both of my knee still not properly function. And now I still not full recovery, I still cant work properly...and lately I haven’t go to physiotherapy that maybe why my knee still cannot proper function..
I ask my dad to buy cute bicycle cost RM110.00 ( Eshan money from my younger Brother..TQ) for physiotherapy purpose yippee…I hope this bicycle can help my knee to fast recovery and function normal as before, I did my own physo at home.
I love my bicycle.you is part of my buddy and life now…

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I Was Here Tokyo, Japan

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