Monday, October 31, 2011

Jom Buat "DETOX"

Last day for Okt 2011 ..Huk Huk how sad indeed, times flies so fast..sedih sebab banyak impian belum kesampaian? Harapan dan impian?
Whatever life goes on…I share pasal detox today… even suda di akhir-akhir tahun but lets do it daripada tak cuba langsung kan…No word late in life..LATE BETTER THAN NEVER KAN..
Everybody it seems talk and doing a “detox”.
The term “detox” is short for “detoxification” and refers to the process of removing potentially toxic substances from our body.


Enjoy you detox at home…
Type Fasting:-
 Pure Water fasting – The quickest and deepest detox
 Fruit Juice Fasting
 Vegetable Juice fasting

Benefits of Detox…
 More Energy
 Mentally Alert
 Better Quality Sleep
 Better Concentration and focus
 Emotionally Lighter
 High Quality Sleep
 Slow Down Ageing
 Promotes youthfulness
 Improves Healing Processes
 Encourages Healthy Weight
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