Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sakit atau Tidak sakit sama saja..

Hello my fellow friend…:))
Looking by the title…what came across in our mind…?
I have my old friend…quite closed, I cant deny she one of my best friend who support my journey of life all this while…sweet and bitter life but the other day, I felt sad inside and a little frustatation…not only because the word she said but she is friend of mine since 18 years ago…but this is only sharing…
All this while she always comfort me and support me but when she said that someone who sick same as one who did not sick…wow that is terrible fact for me.
I did experience when I am in good health before and for this coming 8 year this year as I always mention I have facing the difficulty of life due to my illness. I know that everyone got their own problem whether small or big but surely affect their daily life as well.
We cannot counter just looking the family who live happily got their own problem e.g. financial, arguing or so on…but at least if we got good health we can do anything we want, which can release tension or makes something benefit or come out with solution when came to problem BUT how about for someone suffering in health problem …cant wakeup, talk or walk..It is same with in good health? It totally different my friend, am I right…he he
What I am trying to say here is…just imagine someone in good health even many problem not same with someone suffering illness…so aware you word…
I not blame her because she not in my shoes..


Dida mumin♥ said...

strongly Agree with u about this yeen...we kow our self better than other!

BOBOayeeN said...

Tq dida..peringatan tuk diri sendiri juga ::)

I Was Here Tokyo, Japan

Thank You Tokyo, Japan...U are great place to visit...No Regret..