Friday, August 19, 2011

My Nephew Full Month..IDEN

For the first time since last year I attend my nephew full month on 13 August 2011 at D Junction. Kalo ndak silap the last I was went out Feb 2010 bila my bro.Sius belanja makan di nelayan for Chop Goh that is so long, before I was collapse sick ..:))on Mac 2010.
This time I feel different with my condition not very well after done the operation I giving chance to myself to do my best, and I really hope I can make it. Early 12.00 pm on afternoon I take my first pain killer, quite terrible juga my condition my right knee and ankle give me trouble lately, I also don’t know why tapi mmg pun my right side legs not very well of course because of RA attacked. Until 4 pm I still felt that my legs can’t perform a bit ok, I am so worried and once again I take my pain killer for the second time for today…wow what I did for myself? silap haribulan I am dying terus..palis-palis…after I hour I felt better a bit…busy for attending my nephew full month in D Junction, Penampang.
Anyway whatever happened I manage to attend, Thank You GOD happy to see part of the family is around. It a simple celebration with closed family and friend my brother Nosius, but is moment nice to remembrance. For the last happy Birthday to my nephew Baby IDEN DIASIP LUARAN, it nice name actually:))) even the full month is 2 days early...iden was born on 17 July a good son…cheers^^^^^

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